Graduation Tasks

Erciyes University

 Directorate of Science and Technology Institute

Attention graduating students

The thesis defense exam, graduation, the students who successfully completed the following steps to be able to decide and must have delivered to the Institute of Science and Technology. For this purpose, web page, FBE Documents to be filled based on the Thesis Submission and Graduation will be annexed to petition for Prompt actions are as follows:


  • Dissertation preparation and writing guide is organized according to the bound for graduate students and 5 (five) each, while PhD students 7 (seven), theses,


  • The chapters of the complated thesis should be uploaded seperately as pdf files to the thesis data entrance link in the OBİSİS system.
  • ‘Complate thesis.pdf’ file should also be given to the Student Affairs - Office coppied on CD (1 Coppy) for Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK)
  • Institute of Natural and Applied Science, Student ID
  •  FBE web page of the Documentation section of the units completed and approved by the relevant Certificate of Severance.
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