Thesis Preparation and Writing Guide



This guide, Graduate Education and Training Regulation 12 ve 24. with agents of Erciyes University - Graduate Education and Examination Regulation 35, 46 ve 51. and 51. Articles are based on.. Decisions related to the subject of university top-boards, without having to replace this manual are the same.  


The purpose of this guide, Erciyes University, Social Sciences, Science and Health Sciences, Graduate Schools Master's and doctoral theses and dissertation preparation and writing of proposals to specify the rules to be followed.



1. Dissertation Proposal Preparation Time  

Course period of graduate students who successfully complete the course until the following semester at the latest since the end of the period under the supervision of advisers will research the subject, purpose, importance, method and work plan covering the head of the department shall prepare and submit proposals for the thesis. Dissertation proposal, after consulting the board of an academic department at the latest within three days sent to the director of the institute. The thesis proposal is finalized by the decision of the Executive Council and thesis preparation period starts from the date of the decision of the board of directors. This time the students do not comply with the limits periods of time lost, shall be deemed legal thesis preparation period.  

Upon successful completion of doctoral qualifying examination and dissertation committee established doctoral students,they pass the competency exam within six months from the date of the latest will do the research, the purpose, importance, method and study under the supervision of the supervisor prepares a dissertation proposal and present a thesis monitoring committee. Successful in the defense of the students' thesis proposals, thesis preparation time and is finalized by the decision of the Executive Council, will start from the date of the decision of the board of directors.  

2. Thesis Proposal Format

 The thesis is prepared within the framework of the following recommendations in terms of format.  

2.1.Name of the thesis  

Clearly indicating that the subject of the thesis statement. Too long, too difficult to understand and avoid common names, but can not express the subject of the closed and should not be short.  

2.2.  Subject of the thesis  

 Which to work and research done on the thesis topic must be specified in a clear manner.  

2.3. Purpose and Importance of the thesis  

 Purpose of the thesis done, and which clearly explained why.  Previous studies on the subject, indicating the importance of research, investigated the issue and related aspects of them should be described with emphasis on the contribution of the field.  

2.4. Thesis Study Method  

 Described the methods to be followed in the preparation of the thesis consist of information. Archive research, literature, field research, experimental study to use such methods, which should be indicated, depending on the nature of research work place, time, how to do, what tools and materials used should be explained.  

2.5. Working Schedule  

 How long to leave each stage of the thesis work, with approximately the dates specified.   

2.6. Work Plan  

 Found in the draft chapters of this thesis, showing the plan. This plan would lead to uncertainty in general and scattered, limiting the candidate's work does not change much and should not be rigid. The plan includes at least input, general information, methods, results and interpretations, conclusions and recommendations sections should be the main topics.  

2.7. Resources  

The thesis proposed resources shall be regulated in accordance with scientific methods of referencing.  However, the last stage of writing the text takes shape.


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